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OZ Reminder on Passenger Information

Mar 30 2017

Reminder that the TSA requires full name as it appears on the passport in the passenger reservation. Middle names that appear on the passport must be spelled out in full, not abbreviated with just an initial.


※Our passengers are getting a lot of problems going to Korea and beyond because
their reservations are missing their middle name or having only middle initial.

Please put passengers full name including full middle name just as on their passport.


Most Common Problems Passengers are having

  • Middle name not matching with boarding pass associated with APIS DATA
  • Middle name not matching with boarding pass when passing the TSA
  • Passengers cannot self check-in at KIOSK due to middle name not matching with passport.


Missing middle name can cause unnecessary problems before

the departure especially with Philippines and Vietnam routes.

Again, please put passengers' full name so that they will not have any problems on their trip.

Thank you.